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Saturday, August 1, 2009

HOT/HOTTER: THE POLLS: From the Beginning

The Broadway Boys Tournament is on!  Just like March Madness, different Broadway Boys will go head-to-head until we narrow it down to the hottest Broadway Boy of them all!  But we are not looking for the prettiest pretty boy!  We are looking for the guy who has a unique mix of talent and looks!


KYLE COFFMAN                           HUNTER PARRISH

ALAN RICKMAN                             BOBBY STEGGERT


ROUND 1:  Ryan Breslin vs Teddy Toye
                     Darren Criss vs Hunter Parrish

WINNERS:                         Ryan Breslin                           Hunter Parrish

ROUND 2:  Michael Esper vs Van Hughes
                     Raul Esparza vs Alan Rickman
WINNERS:                         Michael Esper                          Alan Rickman

ROUND 3:  Mark Aldrich vs Matthew Risch
                     Adam Chanler-Berat vs Bobby Steggert

WINNERS:                        Mark Aldrich                          Bobby Steggert

ROUND 4:  Corey Boardman vs Matthew James Thomas
                     Kyle Coffman vs Rory O'Malley



ROUND 1: Who is the HOTTEST "Jesus of Suburbia"?   John Gallagher, Jr. vs Van Hughes

Van Hughes vs John Gallagher, Jr.
Your Winner!
Van moves on to the next round!

Average Rating:
  • John Gallagher, Jr.: 7.92
  • Van Hughes: 8.02
Poll closed: February 3

ROUND 2:  Who is the HOTTEST "geeky" guy?  Nick Blaemire vs Adam Chanler-Berat

Adam Chanler-Berat vs Nick Blaemire
Your winner!
Adam goes on to the next round!

Average Rating:
  • Nick Blaemire: 7.32
  • Adam Chanler-Berat: 8.11
Poll Closed: February 10

ROUND 3: Who is the hottest Broadway Mormon?  Rory O'Malley vs Andrew Rannells

Rory O'Malley vs Andrew Rannells

Your Winner!
Rory goes on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Rory O'Malley: 8.08
  • Andrew Rannells: 7.85
Poll Closed: February 17

ROUND 4: Who is Broadway's HOTTEST sensitive cutie?  Bobby Steggert vs. David Turner

Bobby Steggert vs David Turner

Your Winner!
Bobby goes on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Bobby Steggert: 8.42
  • David Turner: 5.42
Poll Closed: February 24

ROUND 5: Who is Broadway's HOTTEST Finch? Darren Criss vs Nick Jonas vs Daniel Radcliffe

Nick Jonas vs Darren Criss vs Daniel Radcliffe

Your winner!
Darren Criss goes on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Darren Criss: 8.81
  • Nick Jonas: 6.84
  • Daniel Radcliffe: 7.03
Poll Closed: March 2

ROUND 6: Who is the hottest "Lyssie J" boy?  Teddy Toye vs Alex Wyse

Teddy Toye vs
Alex Wyse

Your winner!
Teddy Toye goes on to the next round!

Average Rating:
  • Teddy Toye: 8.19
  • Alex Wyse: 7.29
Poll Closed: March 9

Round 7: Who is the hottest "Leading Man"?  Raul Esparza vs Marc Kudisch

Raul Esparza vs Marc Kudisch

Your winner!
Raul Esparza goes on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Raul Esparza: 9.16
  • Marc Kudisch: 5.63
Poll Closed: March 16

Round 8: Who is the hottest "Spider-Man"?  
Reeve Carney vs Andrew Garfield vs Matthew James Thomas

Reeve Carney vs Andrew Carney vs Matthew James Thomas
Your Winner!
Matthew James Thomas moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Reeve Carney: 6.95
  • Andrew Garfield: 7.3
  • Matthew James Thomas: 8.29
Poll Closed: March 23

Round 9: Who is the hottest "CARRIE Cutie"?  Corey Boardman vs Andy Mientus

Corey Boardman vs Andy Mientus 
Your Winner!
Corey Boardman moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Corey Boardman: 9.05
  • Andy Mientus: 8.74
Poll closed:March 30

Round 10: Who is the hottest brooding Broadway boy?  Andrew Durand vs Michael Esper

Andrew Durand vs Michael Esper

Your winner!
Michael Esper moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Andrew Durand: 7.18
  • Michael Esper: 8.0
Poll closed: April 6

Round 11: Who is Broadway's hottest Replacement/Original (I)?  Corbin Bleu vs Hunter Parrish

Corbin Bleu vs Hunter Parrish

Your winner!
Hunter Parrish moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Corbin Bleu: 6.3
  • Hunter Parrish: 9.14
Poll closed: April 13

ROUND 12: Who is Broadway's Hottest "Silver Fox"?  Victor Garber vs Alan Rickman

Victor Garber vs Alan Rickman
Your Winner!
Alan Rickman moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Victor Garber: 5.15
  • Alan Rickman: 9.33
Poll closed: April 20

ROUND 13: Who is Broadway's hottest Original/Replacement, Part 2?  Thomas Sadoski, Justin Kirk, Matthew Risch

Thomas Sadoski vs Justin Kirk vs Matthew Risch

Your winner!
Matthew Risch moves on to the next round!

Average Rating:

  • Thomas Sadoski: 6.45
  • Justin Kirk: 7.91
  • Matthew Risch: 8.45
Poll Closed: April 27

Round 14: Who is Broadway's HOTTEST "Newsie"? (Part 1) Aaron vs Mark vs Ryan vs Thayne

Aaron J. Albano, Mark Aldrich, Ryan Steele, Thayne Jasperson
Your winner!  Mark Aldrich
moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:

  • Aaron J. Albano: 2.96
  • Mark Aldrich: 8.42
  • Ryan Steele: 5.60
  • Thayne Jasperson: 5.12
Poll Closed: May 4

Round 15: Who is Broadway's HOTTEST "Newsie"? (Part 2) Tommy vs Kyle vs Jess vs Ephraim

Tommy Bracco vs Kyle Coffman vs Jess LeProtto vs Ephraim Sykes

Your winner!  Kyle Coffman
moves on to the next round!
Average Rating:
  • Tommy Bracco: 6.71
  • Kyle Coffman: 7.94
  • Jess Le Protto: 7.0
  • Ephraim Sykes: 6.59

Poll closed: May 11

Round 16:  Who is Broadway's HOTTEST "Newsie"? (Part 3) Ryan vs Garett vs Evan vs Andy

Ryan Breslin vs Garett Hawe vs Evan Kasprzak vs Andy Richardson

Your winner!  Ryan Breslin
goes on to the next round
Average Rating:

  • Ryan Breslin: 7.81
  • Garett Hawe: 7.50
  • Evan Kasprzak: 7.43
  • Andy Richardson: 7.79

Poll Closed: May 18

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