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Well, my "little vacation" ended up lasting two and a half years... funny how life steers your life in directions you weren't planning on. I'll start off with occasional posts, but I fully plan to resume this blog to full speed by the new year.

I hope you'll come back for frequent visits, to see new reviews, to share opinions, to take a survey (or two), and to celebrate the shows and show people that have made the TheatreScene!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Broadway on YouTube: The Fairy Tales


First up in this round is the fairy tale musical to beat all fairy tale musicals, Into the Woods. I think this ad captures the fun and excitement of Act One perfectly, but doesn't really prepare you for Act Two. From this, I'd have bought a ticket, but I'd probably have someone with me who didn't like the second half of the story. (Sorry that the sound is a bit off from the picture...)

Next up is the most successful fairy tale musical of all time, Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Like everything Disney does, this is slick, well-produced and would make me run to the box office. I did just that in 1994, 7 times!

And finally, the most recent fairy tale musical, Shrek: The Musical. Too bad production values aren't everything because if they were, this would be the current show to beat. That comes across very well in the ad, plus fans of the movies will recognize enough to be enticed. This would definitely get me to buy a ticket, but I sure would leave disappointed. I actually did just that.

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