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Well, my "little vacation" ended up lasting two and a half years... funny how life steers your life in directions you weren't planning on. I'll start off with occasional posts, but I fully plan to resume this blog to full speed by the new year.

I hope you'll come back for frequent visits, to see new reviews, to share opinions, to take a survey (or two), and to celebrate the shows and show people that have made the TheatreScene!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog: The Divas, Part 6

Well, here we are at long last!  The final set of clues for this Diva-themed crossword puzzle is below and the answewrs will appear next week for the whole puzzle.  I hope you had fun doing this one; I had fun making it up.  Did I remember your favorite diva?

If you are just joining us, all of the clues for this puzzle are available by clicking on "Broadway Games" above and scrolling down to Puzzle #2.

Remember: Any unaccounted for blocks are either black or being used by previous clues.  The clues also appear at the bottom in "standard crossword format," and yes, the pictures included are clues to the answers.

1.  Row 27, Block 14.  51 Across: 9 Letters:  She played Melpomene in Xanadu.
2.  Row 27, Block 29.  52 Down: 5 Letters:  She knows when the sun'll come out.
3.  Row 28, Block 1.  53 Across: 5 Letters: My Fair Lady's Miss Doolittle.
4.  Row 28, Block 25.  54 Across: 6 Letters: She toasts the ladies who lunch.
5.  Row 29, Block 13.  55 Across:  10 Letters: She played PT Barum's wife.
6.  Row 30, Block 1.  56 Across: 3 Letters: Her dance card read "Dance: 10, Looks: 3."
7.  Row 30, Block 6.  57 Across: 5 Letters: How do you solve a problem like her?
8.  Row 31, Block 21.  58 Across: 6 Letters: Jo March's mother.
9.  Row 31, Block 29.  59 Across: 5 Letters: She told you she's NOT going!


51  She played Melpomene in Xanadu
53  My Fair Lady's Miss Doolittle
54  She toasts the ladies who lunch
55  She played PT Barnum's wife
56  Her dance card read "Dance: 10, Looks: 3."
57  How do you solve a problem like her?
58  Jo March's mother
59  She told you she's NOT going!


52  She knows when the sun'll come out

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