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Friday, October 22, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog #3: The New Season, Part VI

Here is the final set of clues to this new puzzle.


Click on the "Broadway Games" tab above and scroll down to Crossword Puzzle #3 for previous weeks' clues!


Some reminders:
  • This puzzle is a perfect square: 38 blocks across by 38 blocks down.
  • This week I'll provide clues for all the words that are in the lastsix lines, or at least start somewhere within the last six lines. You can assume that any unaccounted for blocks are black; the rest are blocks to be filled with letters. When you are done today, the entire puzzle will be complete.
  • At the bottom of each of these blogs, I'll re-write the clues like standard crossword puzzles do. And the pictures included are clues to the answers, too.
  • The answers will be posted next week.

The Clues:

Here we go! Again... good luck!

1. 51 Across: Row 33, Block 15. 6 letters: The _____ Painters.
2. 52 Across: Row 33, Block 33.  4 letters: He wrote Driving Miss Daisy.
3. 53 Down: Row34, Block 5.  5 letters: Lombardi's first name.
4. 54 Across: Row 34, Block 8.  6 letters: Broadway's only currently running verse play.
5. 55 Across: Row 34, Block 22.  10 letters: A Life in the Theatre playwright.
6. 56 Down: Row 34, Block 23.  5 letters: Lumley's hit TV show, abbreviated.
7. 57 Across: Row 35, Block 1.  5 letters: The only star of Time Stands Still that is making a Broadway debut.
8. 58 Across: Row 35, Block 16.  6 letters: He plays Andrew Jackson.
9. 59 Across: Row 36, Block 27.  10 letters: How to Succeed's J. ______ Finch.
10.  There are no new words that start in Row 37.
11.  There are no new words that start in Row 38.



51  The ______ Painters
52  He wrote Driving Miss Daisy
54  Broadway's only currently running verse play
55  A Life in the Theatre playwright
57  The only star of Time Stands Still that is making a Broadway debut
58  He plays Andrew Jackson
59  How to Succeed's J. ______ Finch





53  Lombardi's first name
56  Lumley's hit TV show, abbreviated



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