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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Broadway Crossword by Blog: The New Season, Part 3

Today, I present you with the third set of clues to this new puzzle. 
  • If you missed the first week, click HERE.
  • If you missed the second week, click HERE.
Some reminders:
  • This puzzle is a perfect square: 38 blocks across by 38 blocks down.
  • This week I'll provide clues for all the words that are in the next six lines, or at least start somewhere within the next seven lines. You can assume that any unaccounted for blocks are black; the rest are blocks to be filled with letters. When you are done today, the first 20 lines will be complete.
  • At the bottom of each of these blogs, I'll re-write the clues like standard crossword puzzles do. And the pictures included are clues to the answers, too.

Here we go! Again... good luck!

1. 24 Down: Row 15, Block 3. 15 letters: Lombardi's team.
2. 25 Down: Row 15, Block 18. 15 letters: Play from last season which will re-open this season.
3. 26 Across: Row 15, Block 23. 14 letters: Peter Parker's true love.
4. 27 Down: Row 16, Block 16. 14 letters: South Park/Book of Mormon co-creators.
5. 28 Across: Row 17, Block 18. 6 letters: Verge's locale.
6. 29 Across: Row 18, Block 1: 18 letters: The Book of Mormon's co-director also had this hit on Broadway.
7. 30 Down: Row 18, Block 12: 7 letters: He will play the title character in Elf.
8. 31 Down: Row 18, Block 33: 12 letters: He wrote the books for Hairspray, Annie and Elf.
9. There are no words that begin in row 19.
10. 32 Across: Row 20, Block 23: The new musical from the guys who brought us South Park and Avenue Q.


26  Peter Parker's true love
28  Verge's locale
29  The Book of Mormon's co-director had this hit on Broadway
32  The new musical from the guys who brought us South Park and Avenue Q


24  Lombardi's team
25  Play from last season that will re-open this season
27  South Park/The Book of Mormon co-creators
30  He will play the title character in Elf
31  He wrote the books for Hairspray, Annie and Elf

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