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Well, my "little vacation" ended up lasting two and a half years... funny how life steers your life in directions you weren't planning on. I'll start off with occasional posts, but I fully plan to resume this blog to full speed by the new year.

I hope you'll come back for frequent visits, to see new reviews, to share opinions, to take a survey (or two), and to celebrate the shows and show people that have made the TheatreScene!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Face of the Future: Rock of Ages' Justin M. Sargent

Rock of Ages is not one of my favorite shows, but they do hire some really terrific talent, both easy on the ears and eyes.  Since I haven't seen him perform as Drew at the Helen Hayes Theatre, I can't vouch for the "ears" part personally, I can only go by what I've heard.  And that is that he is totally awesome! (Why do I turn all Valley Girl when I speak of RoA?)  But I CAN vouch for the "easy on the eyes" part.  Justin Matthew Sargent.  Wow!

Even though he's currently playing a leading role, he's still a relative - he was an understudy in Bonnie and Clyde - newbie!  I can't fight the feeling that Mr. Sargent is one face we are going to see a lot of in the future.

Justin Matthew Sargent (Top and Left)
With Tad Wilson on opening night of Bonnie and Clyde (Right)

The Cast of Rock of Ages 
Sargent (center)

Sargent/Drew is a Rock star!

Recording with the Rock of Ages company
for Carols for a Cure

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