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Thursday, May 28, 2015

THEATRESCENE THURSDAY: Your Playbill Habits Revealed!

Wonder Woman poses with hers!
Last week, the Trendsday Poll asked you to tell what you do with your Playbill before, during and after the show.  Here's what 207 of you told us:


  • 20% - I look for understudy slips.
  • 19% - I skip right to the section about the show I'm seeing.
  • 17% - I mentally count "How Many Have You Seen?"
  • 11% - I take a picture of it to send out on social media.

The other 33% was divided among the other 8 choices. Not one of you said you didn't take one! Several of you mentioned (under "Other") that you read "At This Theatre" and the restaurant choices, and a few others said they count the number of orchestra members.

I'm definitely with the majority here - I do all three of your top choices!  

This Gigi fan must be part of the 11%!

  • 71% - I put it away.
  • 22% - I keep it open to the Musical Numbers list.
  • 7% - I give it to my companion to hold on to.

Again, I'm just like most of you! I am meticulous about storing it in a Playbill Binder Sleeve, as untouched as possible. And then, with the copy I take to read through (and mess up!) I look for what the last number is for each act, then that gets put away, too.

An impressive display!

  • 26% - I have a Playbill binder collection.
  • 16% - I stage door for autographs.
  • 16% - I toss it on my pile of Playbills at home.
  • 13% - I throw it in my bag and forget about it.
  • 10% - I carry it out in my hands.

The other 19% was divided among the other 8 choices. None of you leave it at your seat, good theatre fans that you are!  My "twin" wrote in, "[I] usually keep one for the binder and others to keep as extras."  I so get you, whoever you are!  But my favorite "Other" response is "I tuck it in the back of my pants til I add it to my collection dating back to 1969."  Congratulations on your long theater-going career!  But I have to ask... isn't it kinda uncomfortable back there?

Big surprise - I'm just like the rest of you here, too!  As I said, I have a Playbill binder collection (just ordered my 25th one yesterday). And though I haven't done this in ages, I have stage doored many times over the past 30 years.  Meeting Joel Grey after the 1987 revival of Cabaret was a thrill - such a kind man!

Which one of you asked Idina to sign
your Les Miz Playbill? And did she?



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