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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TROUPER TUESDAY: The Angry Inch in Pictures

They are the ultimate Broadway backup band.  They've been the guys behind 5 Hedwigs and 2 Yitzhaks.  They are The Angry Inch!

Left: Skszp aka Justin Craig (Music Director, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
Right: Krzyzhtoff aka Tim Mislock (Guitar, Vocals)

Left: Jacek aka Matt Duncan (Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
Right: Schlatko aka Peter Yanowitz (Drums, Vocals)

The Angry Inch on Opening Night
All of the guys backstage
At the historic Belasco Theatre...
...and at the 2014 Tony Awards at
Radio City Music Hall

And with each Hedwig...

...with Neil Patrick Harris
...with Andrew Rannells
...with Michael C. Hall
...with John Cameron Mitchell
...and with Darren Criss
When they aren't The Angry Inch, they are Tits of Clay!


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