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Well, my "little vacation" ended up lasting two and a half years... funny how life steers your life in directions you weren't planning on. I'll start off with occasional posts, but I fully plan to resume this blog to full speed by the new year.

I hope you'll come back for frequent visits, to see new reviews, to share opinions, to take a survey (or two), and to celebrate the shows and show people that have made the TheatreScene!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TROUPER TUESDAY: Fun Home's Emily Skeggs

Every once in awhile, the Tony Awards nominating committee gets it right.  This year, they really did when they nominated everyone in the principal cast of the already award-winning Fun Home, including all three Alisons.  What is particularly nice about this is that it affirms the excellent work all three actresses are doing to create a single character at three different points in her life.  It would have been a shame to have left one out! And yet, I am going to single one out!

This week, I'm saluting Medium Alison, Emily Skeggs, a Broadway debutante who is a real trouper! She went from off-Broadway understudy to replacement to original Broadway cast member with the show. I am pretty sure and very hopeful that this is just the beginning of a long career.

I don't envy the Tony voters!

Life at the Fun Home: Alison finds herself at college (left)
Alison (Beth Malone) recalls the early artist she was (right)

  • She may play "Medium" Alison, but Emily is a diminutive 5'3"!

Her college credits include:
 The Bluest Eye (top)
The Actor (right)

Six Characters in Search of an Author (top)
Robin Hood (bottom)

  • Emily went to the LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts.
  • She is a graduate of Emerson College - her major was Theatre Studies.
  • She had a minor in writing.

Emily's Regional and Off-Broadway credits include:
Transport (top)
And I and Silence (bottom left)
Our Town (bottom right)


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